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16 Mugshots Of People In Hilarious T-Shirts

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People seem to really enjoy looking at hilarious mugshots. This might be because of the way the person looks, the facial expressions that they’re making or the t-shirt that they are wearing. To be honest, the last one is probably the most entertaining.

It’s great to be proud of who you are and even place it on a shirt so the world can see. But we’d probably recommend staying away from certain t-shirts.

Not that the shirt directly landed them in jail, but we highly doubt the shirts helped them in court. Regardless, these are pretty hilarious to see. Here are 16 mugshots of people wearing hilarious t-shirts.

1. Not sure if we’d consider this perfect timing, but this woman is very adamant about her not being an alcoholic but rather a drunk.

2. We’re probably guessing this guy couldn’t fool the law when he wore this shirt. We’re going to go with not so cleverly.

3. If this guy is the law, then we might be in big trouble. He looks like he’s pretty confident in his belief as well. Clearly, confidence didn’t work in his favor.

4. Either this guy is a huge fan of Monopoly, or it was used as a form of foreshadowing, but it’s pretty funny that he decided to wear that shirt.

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