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16 Mugshots Of People In Hilarious T-Shirts

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People seem to really enjoy looking at hilarious mugshots. This might be because of the way the person looks, the facial expressions that they’re making or the t-shirt that they are wearing. To be honest, the last one is probably the most entertaining.

It’s great to be proud of who you are and even place it on a shirt so the world can see. But we’d probably recommend staying away from certain t-shirts.

Not that the shirt directly landed them in jail, but we highly doubt the shirts helped them in court. Regardless, these are pretty hilarious to see. Here are 16 mugshots of people wearing hilarious t-shirts.

1. Not sure if we’d consider this perfect timing, but this woman is very adamant about her not being an alcoholic but rather a drunk.

2. We’re probably guessing this guy couldn’t fool the law when he wore this shirt. We’re going to go with not so cleverly.

3. If this guy is the law, then we might be in big trouble. He looks like he’s pretty confident in his belief as well. Clearly, confidence didn’t work in his favor.

4. Either this guy is a huge fan of Monopoly, or it was used as a form of foreshadowing, but it’s pretty funny that he decided to wear that shirt.

5. This guy had his shirt do all the talking for him. At least he’s being honest right? There’s probably no need to ask him questions!

6. We’re kind of hoping this guy doesn’t actually think he works for the FBI or at least that he realizes that his shirt stands for something completely unrelated…

7. This woman took her mugshot as an opportunity to up her dating game. Not only did she get her picture taken but also had a whole list of the type of guy she’s looking for.

8. No, in no way does it look like this guy cares that he’s getting a mugshot taken. Though, he also looks like he had a bit of a rough night.

9. Well, you definitely aren’t anymore. We’d love to find out this guy’s story and how long he was on bail before he got arrested again. Very unfortunate.

10. If you really think about it, this woman is actually trying to help cops. Now they know exactly the method criminals use to outrun them. She honestly did them a favor…

11. Are you really “just chilling”? Clearly, this shirt isn’t exactly honest, but innocent until proven guilty right?

12. We’re wondering if this guy got arrested, ran home to change his shirt, and then took this mugshot? It really is perfect timing, don’t you think?

13. Either this woman was sold out by her lover, or she decided to take this mugshot opportunity as a way to be all romantic. A Shakespearean love story with a criminal twist.

14. We honestly feel sorry for his kids. But at least he loves them enough to give them some recognition right? Even though the setting is not exactly the best.

15. Again, at least this guy is being honest. He doesn’t even have to say anything in order to express what he’s really feeling. The shirt does it for him.

16. This guy definitely wants to show everyone that he has a lot of love for his dad. We’re not sure if this guy’s dad is wearing a similar shirt about him…


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