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Muhammad Ali Once Talked A Man Out Of Jumping To His Death

In 2016 we lost a champion boxer, activist, and all-around exceptional human being Muhammad Ali. On what would have been his 75th birthday on January 17th, a clip of Muhammad Ali has begun circulating again and we cannot think of a better clip to commemorate his legacy.

It is footage of Ali talking a man down from jumping out of the window of a building to his death. Muhammad was always known to have a strong moral compass and a strong motivation to do the right thing, so to people that know him this clip will not come as a surprise.


The LA Times reported that in January of 1981, Ali witnessed a suicidal man about to take his life by jumping out of the ninth floor window of a Miracle Mile office building. Ali heard about the situation while he was in the area and wanted to help.

An LAPD spokesperson said: “Ali did it all. He went up there and he talked to the guy until he came down. A police psychologist and a chaplain had tried – but Ali got it done.” The man was not only suicidal, but also struggling with mental health issues that compounded the situation because it was clear he was not fully cognizant of where he was or what he was doing.

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