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This Is What Your Nail Color Says About Your Personality


With all of the different colors, designs, and other artistic ways to express yourself through your nails, the options are truly endless. There are many reasons people will opt for a certain nail color, including:

  • To match an outfit,
  • Based on mood,
  • Specific event,
  • Seasonal or timely theme.

However, the nail color you tend to paint on the most or have on without any other predetermining factors can say a lot about your personality.

Here is what your nail color says about you!

Nude nails. Those who are more prone to wear nude nail polish are said to be considered more approachable. Nude nails convey a down-to-earth personality and someone who likes to go with the flow.

Silver nails. A shiny silver set of nails means you are resilient and can be trusted. Those who wear this color often are considered to be spiritual, but also incredibly reliable and motivated to succeed.

White nails. Opting for plain white nails exemplifies an inner perfectionist, but also a playful innocence. People who like to paint their nails white are usually very organized and appreciate cleanliness.

Black nails. Rocking the darkest shade there is, those who wear black nail polish are rebels at heart, but are also very complex and secretive.

Pink nails. Embracing a set of pink nails means that you’re a child at heart and also are a sucker for the sweet and romantic.

Orange nails. If you like to add a splash of brightness by having orange nails, this means that you are an eternal optimist. Orange nails exemplify a bright and sunny attitude that won’t let any hurdles take you down.

Purple nails. Those who opt for purple nails are most likely to be incredibly creative and wildly ambitious. Purple is the color of imagination and those who chose to wear it often represent that.

Blue nails. Blue nails are a sign of not only loyalty and trustworthiness, but also security and confidence.

Yellow nails. Just like a smiley face, yellow nails imply that the wearer is happy-go-lucky and is a generally warm person who loves to be in the company of others.

Red nails. The classic red nail signifies passion and those who wear this color are often goal oriented and don’t rest until they see a task through.

Brown nails. Opting for a set of brown nails signifies that the wearer is knowledgeable, understanding, and loves being out in nature.

brown nails |

Green nails. Those who often wear green nails are said to be dominant individuals, but can also be very nurturing to those they respect.

Gray nails. Gray nails indicate that the wearer is very thoughtful even if they can’t always express that through words. Those with gray nails tend to be daydreamers, but have trouble opening up to others.

Gold nails. Those who opt for a striking gold set of nails have their eye on success and nothing less. Gold nails indicate that the wearer isn’t afraid of standing out and they are very goal oriented.

Pastel colors. No matter what the hue, if you tend to choose pastel colors for your nails this means that you’re soft spoken, but incredibly kind-hearted and always willing to share.

Neon colors. If neon hues are what you like to rock, this means you have a vibrant personality and will never say no to fun. Neon indicates the wearer is always raring with energy and ready to go.


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