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Family Advertise $130k/Year Nanny Job In Barbados—But There Is One Big Catch

Everyone knows the saying that if something is too good to be true, it usually is right? Well, it honestly couldn’t be more true. Think about it, there’s usually always a catch with this sort of stuff, we kind of stopped getting excited!

Whether it involves a pair of free tickets to a concert or sharing an apartment with someone, you always have to pay for something in some way or another. Maybe it even involved getting a job with a very attractive pay cheque….

One family of six is looking for a full-time, live-in nanny. According to an ad that they posted online, they are willing to pay the lucky employee a yearly salary of 100,000 pounds (around $130,000). Oh, and the position gets even better than that.

They lucky candidate will get to eat top-of-the-line meals every single day and will drive the family’s sports cars.

Sounds a little too good to be true right? Well, of course, it does. Remember what I said up top? This is proof that there’s always some sort of catch.

You see, the family has about four homes in London, Barbados, Cape Town, and Atlanta. Traveling is a huge part of the job.

Don’t get me wrong, traveling for a job sounds incredible, but not “up to three times a week, depending on where the children are” according to the ad.

Hopefully, the candidate loves hanging out in airports! On top of all that the nanny has to have a degree in child psychology, have no kids of their own and have minimum 15 years of experience.

The ad notes, “The role is demanding. Our children are homeschooled and require constant attention and supervision, even when they’re with their teachers.”

It continued, “We’d like our nanny to participate in lessons where appropriate, to help further their studies outside of the classroom.”

They also require the candidate to know self-defense. Sounds like these parents are looking for a Ph.D., a caregiver, and an MMA fighter all combined into one. Good luck!


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