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NASA Just Confirmed That There May Be Alien Life In Our Solar System


Humans have long been fascinated with the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Scientists and astronauts have long been sending radio signals out into deep space while simultaneously opening up our satellite ears for potential signs of communication elsewhere. Whether it be the prototypical, commercialized version of an alien or a microscopic living organism, anything that we can find as living outside of planet Earth would be a tremendous discovery.

As the observable universe is forever expanding and moving away from us, the possibility for life forms outside of Earth is correspondingly increasing.

Read on to find out where alien life may be hidden.

NASA has just announced that they may have located a potential habitat for alien life using NASA’s Cassini spacecraft and the Hubble Space Telescope. One of Saturn’s moons was revealed to contain chemical activity under its exterior that could reveal some form of life that used to reside on the small orbiting moon.


NASA scientists say there are organic compounds located there, an underground ocean as well as evidence of hydrothermal activity which is normally (and has only) been found on Earth.


As the most reflective body in the solar system, its outer shell is composed of mostly icy material and there is a suspected global subsurface saltwater ocean!


The icy outer shell is also very similar to the protective ozone layer of Earth. Could it act as the same protective barrier and protect the living organisms on the planet’s surface?


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