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24 Photos That Prove Nature Doesn’t Care About What People Want

We often forget how powerful nature can truly be. From animals to plants to the weather, we often forget the strength of Mother Nature until it flexes its impressive muscles at us. But when it does, it leaves quite the impression on our forgetful minds.

From silly animals with quite the crazy personalities to plants doing the darnedest things, to, of course, the most obvious of the bunch, any time a natural disaster or phenomenon occurs before our eyes, nature is constantly amazing, confusing, inspiring and surprising us.

Here are 24 examples of nature at work that people managed to capture in photos.

1. This squirrel proves that he literally couldn’t care less about what people want after photobombing this couple’s picture. The couple, who probably left their camera on a rock with a timer in order to take a romantic photo with the scenic mountain landscape in the background, were left laughing after this little furry friend decided to join in. The adorable squirrel was most likely checking out the camera to see if he could take it with him. No, little guy, that’s not a nut!

2. On the other hand, here’s a certain moose that was feeling a little camera-shy. Photographer Liam Richardson captured this moment and submitted the photo to the Comedy Wildlife photography competition. We can see why: what’s funnier than a moose attempting some camouflage to get out of a picture? Not everyone likes seeing themselves on camera!

Liam Richardson

3. Imagine taking a canoe out for some scenic R&R on a lake somewhere when all of the sudden you’re bombarded by not 1 bird or even 10, but more like a few hundred birds who decided to crash the serene moment? Might be a little overwhelming to be approached by so many flying animals at once, but I’m sure in the end these people didn’t mind when they saw the captured moment on camera. At the end of the day, birds probably don’t care if you were looking for some peace and quiet.

4. A Reddit user uploaded this photo in which the passenger managed to capture a thin line of snowfall as they were flying over Ohio. Radar footage of the area was used to identify lake effect snow bands, confirming it really is possible for snow to be this narrow! They say it was most likely the edges of the snow band melting, which left a more centralized narrow band remaining.

Reddit | Elementalillness

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