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7 Times Neil Patrick Harris Cosplayed With His Family During Halloween

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Neil Patrick Harris has the kind of family you can’t help but be obsessed with. Harris is known for posting adorable pictures of his family on Instagram. Their commitment to Halloween is almost too much to handle.

The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star and his partner David Burtka have twins together, a boy Gideon and a girl Harper. The happy couple confirmed their relationship at the Emmys back in 2007 and announced they were expecting twins via a surrogate mother three years later.

The picture-perfect family has been killing the Halloween game ever since. Which one’s your favorite?

Harris as Captain Hook, Burtka as the happiest Peter Pan of all time and the twins as Tinker Bell and Smee was just a taste of more amazing Halloween costumes to come.

2011 twitter@ActuallyNPH |Twitter

The family keeps the bar set high. They dressed up as the characters from the Wizard of Oz. Little Gideon doesn’t seem very impressed with his Cowardly Lion costume.

2012@ActuallyNPH | Twitter

The Munsters?! I mean, could this costume be any more perfect? Harris makes an eerily spot-on Frankenstein and Harper is killing it as Lily Munster. 

Harris and his family took a trip down the rabbit hole when they dressed up for the twins’ Halloween carnival at their preschool. Harris gives Burtka all the credit for coming up with this display of adorable. 

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