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Netflix User Catches Unfortunate Photoshop Fail—Someone Might Get Fired For This


A recent photoshop blunder performed by the graphic design department at Netflix featured a humorous ad for the Netflix Original movie The Babysitter, available now for streaming in certain countries.

The photoshop error in question features two awkwardly shaped hands clutching a bloody knife and a sandwich. Notice anything strange about the hands? No? Keep looking. You’re bound to realize something is off sooner or later!

When you look at the photo closely, you may notice that the model’s hands are actually two RIGHT hands. Internet users quickly pointed out the flaw on Reddit, which then sparked a hilarious conversation and series of comments from a wide variety of users in the “Funny” subreddit.

If you look closely at the photo, it’s hard to think you notice anything off-putting immediately. The blood is fairly striking, and perhaps to an untrained eye, this poster looks relatively well done. The internet had a different opinion.


The photoshop blunder was posted to Reddit by user moofthestoof and features the model promptly using two right hands to hold her items. He asked Reddit if they notice the two right hands.

Reddit user victalac suggests that perhaps the photoshop blunder was intentional? Maybe it was? However, something tells us this isn’t quite the case.

Another user, probablydyslexic reveals that they know who designed this abomination.

Reddit user 2tall4yoo took began an investigation to see once and for all if it was actually a photoshop fail or not by posing for the photo herself.

She posted the photo, and to everyone’s delight, she proved just how wrong the two hands look in the photoshopped version of the advertisement.  

Comparing the two images side by side, you can clearly see that the original indeed had two right hands.

Reddit user Nundahl informed everyone in the thread, that the observation originally made by moofthespoof made it all the way up to Netflix themselves, who have reportedly fixed the blunderous thumbnail.

n8Reddit | Nundahl


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