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People’s Hilarious Solutions To The New York Subway Banning Dogs Unless They Fit In A Bag

New York City residents are known for being honest, passionate, and fiery. So, of course, when the NYC subway line banned dogs unless they could fit into a bag, the citizens of New York took things one step further.

Obviously, the rule was meant to imply that big dogs were no longer welcome on the subway, but thanks to the vague wording all pups have found their way back on the subway—big or small.

There’s genuinely nothing better than seeing a 100 lb. dog in a duffle bag or a tote bag, just living their best life all comfy and cozy. There’s just no rule that a parent won’t break for their child, even if that child happens to be a Siberian Husky.  

Check out the brilliance of these dog owners and the adorable new travel accommodations for these sweet fur babies below!

1. Who needs to walk anyway, am I right? This little guy looks ready to take on life in his new bag form. Bless him.

2. Anytime is a good time for cuddling if you ask me (and this dog). 

3. Why yes, I am a floof! And very ready to fall asleep, by the looks of him.

4. Hi, yes, hello! Can you see my bag? It’s also a great outfit and a skydiving suit! Other dogs on the subway better watch out and step up their bag game.


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