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​Winter Olympics Figure Skater Manages To Keep Her Cool Even After Nightmare Wardrobe Malfunction

During the first week of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, the world witnessed South Korean ice dancer Yura Min suffer a wardrobe malfunction just seconds into her routine with partner Alexander Gamelin. Now, the Washington Post reports that yet another nightmare wardrobe malfunction has taken place during a separate ice dancing competition.

nightmare wardrobe malfunctionProvidr

French ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis and her partner Guillaume Cizeron were skating for a shot at winning a gold medal. Their routine was almost flawless except for a hurtful nightmare wardrobe malfunction that may have cost them a gold medal.

The nightmare wardrobe malfunction came just seconds into the routine when the costume pulled apart from her back. Despite the delays that the adjustments caused the pair during their routine, they still managed to get a good score that put them in second, with the free dance still to come.

Papadakis was visibly upset after the routine was done. She admits that it’s very difficult to keep your dress on when you’re constantly rotating. Cizeron also voiced his frustration by saying that it’s extremely upsetting to miss out on a few points because of a wardrobe malfunction, which can be the difference between a medal and no medal at all.

nightmare wardrobe

In addition to the performance being televised worldwide, the incident was apparently replayed in slow motion in South Korea’s Gangneung Ice Arena, where the event took place. Despite this incident, I give full credit to the pair for not panicking and putting on a tremendous performance that showed a lot of perseverance. But the question is, how can figure skating avoid wardrobe malfunctions in the future?

nightmare wardrobe

USA Today’s Martin Rogers says that one way to prevent this from being a worldwide scene is by allowing the judges to make an exception on deductions for wardrobe malfunctions. In my opinion, I believe that Rogers is right. These ice dancers work extremely hard to get ready for the stage, and losing points can cost them a medal, so they may refrain from fixing the malfunction. But if there are no points deducted, it keeps it fair and saves the embarrassment of the skaters.

Rogers adds that these costumes need to be created with the understanding that they are for athletic competition, not a walk down the fashion runway. Take Papadakis’ dress for example; it was held up by just one strap around her neck.

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