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Almost Nobody Could Find The Cat In This Picture So Her Owner Posted A Whole Gallery Of Her Ninja Cat

ninja cat

Can you find the ninja cat in all these pictures? There’s no feeling quite as terrifying as not being able to find your pet. When a dog is missing, it’s hard not to notice almost instantly and a lot of the time you end up running down the street like a lunatic to catch them. Cats are more stealthy with their escape. Because they tend to be more independent creatures, they don’t always find it as necessary to badger, let alone greet, their owners.

Writer and comedian Grace Spelman from New York, however, turned a terrifying moment into a fun game between her and her Twitter followers after realizing people were really enjoying her tweets about her cat Pierogi. Grace had moved into a new apartment with her ninja cat when she noticed her furry friend loved to explore (and hide in) every possible nook and cranny she could find. Grace began taking pictures of all of Pierogi’s crazy hiding spots and strange behaviors, and after receiving quite the reaction on Twitter, has continued to post more “Where’s Pierogi?” photos ever since.

Some of the “Where’s Pierogi?” pictures aren’t as difficult as they are funny, while others will drive you mad trying to find her! This ninja cat isn’t messing around when she doesn’t want to be found, so if you’re up for the challenge, here are a bunch of “Where’s Pierogi?” pictures to drive you mad. Can you find the ninja cat in all these pictures?

Meet the invisible cat. This little ninja known as Pierogi is becoming famous on Twitter for inspiring the best “Where’s Waldo” photos on social media. Now that you know what the furball looks like, let’s see how good you are at finding Pierogi when she doesn’t want to be found. Disclaimer: it’s not easy… she’s good.

Twitter | @GraceSpelman

Let’s start off with an easy one. Here is a glimpse into the life of Spelman and her constant search for Pierogi. 

Now let’s make it a little tougher. Can you spot a pair of furry legs in the photo? What about a little nose?

Pierogi is so clever she knows that she blends in with the kitchen. Here she is using her incredible camouflage skills to hide from her owner. Bad Pierogi!

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