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Mother Informs Little Girl ‘No More Princess Dresses,’ Girl’s Comeback Has People Laughing

Usually when people hear the word “budget” it sounds more like a foreign word than something we’re actually prepared to do. Any millennial has definitely heard the term, especially since those OSAP payments come swooping in hard and fast.

But it’s just as difficult (if not more so) to budget when you’ve got little kids running around at home. Half the battle is telling them that their gravy train is about to pull into the station.

That’s the exact predicament that two-year-old Mila’s parents found themselves in when they had to break the tough news to her. The famous little cookie is back to give her side of what living on a budget is really doing to her.

First, she informs viewers that her parents are on a budget before admitting that she doesn’t know what it is. It’s okay, Mila. Neither do a lot of us.

So, naturally, she goes to the only source who would know. Her mother.

Mila 3YouTube

Well. Her mother didn’t exactly have the best news for her. No more toys. No more Target. No more princess dresses. Mila was pretty shaken.

Mila 4YouTube

And much like anyone with a money crisis, Mila turned to Google for job opportunities.

And since there aren’t a whole ton of jobs for toddlers, Mila got some disappointing news on that front too.

She didn’t exactly take that too lightly either.

Mila’s adorable little rants are nothing new to the internet. Her channel was created in 2008 and to date, her videos have earned over 11 million views collectively. Her channel is just shy of 100,000 followers.

Her most famous rants on airport security, why Disneyland is a sham, preschool, and being stressed have put her on the map for quickly becoming one of the cutest up and comers on the internet.

Mila 10Maria Cruz


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