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Nobody Wants To Buy This Gorgeous $18 Million Home

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Everyone has had a dream of living in a mansion at some point in their lives. If not to live, then definitely to stay at for a couple of days. For a lot of us, this dream stays a dream.

For others, it could become a reality. It’s a pretty well-known fact that real estate in New York City doesn’t come cheap. But there’s one estate in Brooklyn that’s currently on the market for $18 million that no one wants to buy.

It is suspected that the house’s checkered past might be the cause why no one wants to move into this Miami-looking home. It was originally built and owned by John Rosatti, a multi-millionaire who had mob connections to the Colombo crime family.

Rosatti’s involvement with the Colombo gang has been detailed in FBI debriefing reports with assortments of mob turncoats.

He’s been allegedly involved in a lot of illegal business and that could be a huge reason why people don’t want to associate themselves with him or his house.

Currently, the mansion is owned by Russian heiress Galina Anisimova. She’s known as the mother of the “Russian Paris Hilton.”

Rosatti sold the house to her for $3 million in the late 1990s. The mansion may look like it’s located in Miami, but it’s actually in Brooklyn.

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