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24 Photos That Are Normal Until You Actually Look At Them


People don’t really realize the power of photography.

We don’t really think about the fact that it’s a pretty powerful thing to be able to snap a photo and capture and save a moment in time.

We have that photo forever.

1. Sometimes you can capture a moment that is pretty boring, sometimes you can capture pretty incredible things, sometimes those things can even be quite rare. But sometimes what you think might be a boring photo can actually surprise you…it can have something amazing in the background that you didn’t realize was there before. It usually takes a good minute or two, but once you find it, it totally changes the feel of the photo. If you aren’t quite sure what I’m talking about, here are 25 photos that are pretty normal, until you actually look at them. Let’s see how good your skills are at paying attention to detail! The first photo is your typical vacation photo…or is it? There’s nothing like an incredible trip to the Amazon. You get to see gorgeous sites, meet locals…and probably burn your hair off after your trip. It took me a second glance to really notice the massive tarantula on this girl’s head. Yikes!

2. Finding the perfect suit for important events take time and a number of photos to send to mom for approval. This guy looks like he found a pretty classy suit to show his mom, except he forgot one important part of his outfit. Hopefully his mom doesn’t notice, or hopefully, she does so she can remind him that dress pants are an important part of the outfit.

3. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is just as hard as finding the perfect suit. You need it to fit well on your body, but also look really good and also just be super comfortable. But something tells me there’s something more going on here than just trying on jeans. Clearly, this daughter got a little bored jean shopping and decided to have some fun with the mannequin… can you blame her?

4. Ah, wedding photos are the best. There’s a lot of responsibility on the photographer to capture every moment…the happy ones, the emotional ones and hey…even the funny moments. Then there are photos like this one. It honestly looks like a magical ceremony…until you take a good look at the groom’s shoes. Awkward.

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