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24 Photos That Are Normal Until You Actually Look At Them


People don’t really realize the power of photography.

We don’t really think about the fact that it’s a pretty powerful thing to be able to snap a photo and capture and save a moment in time.

We have that photo forever.

1. Sometimes you can capture a moment that is pretty boring, sometimes you can capture pretty incredible things, sometimes those things can even be quite rare. But sometimes what you think might be a boring photo can actually surprise you…it can have something amazing in the background that you didn’t realize was there before. It usually takes a good minute or two, but once you find it, it totally changes the feel of the photo. If you aren’t quite sure what I’m talking about, here are 25 photos that are pretty normal, until you actually look at them. Let’s see how good your skills are at paying attention to detail! The first photo is your typical vacation photo…or is it? There’s nothing like an incredible trip to the Amazon. You get to see gorgeous sites, meet locals…and probably burn your hair off after your trip. It took me a second glance to really notice the massive tarantula on this girl’s head. Yikes!

2. Finding the perfect suit for important events take time and a number of photos to send to mom for approval. This guy looks like he found a pretty classy suit to show his mom, except he forgot one important part of his outfit. Hopefully his mom doesn’t notice, or hopefully, she does so she can remind him that dress pants are an important part of the outfit.

3. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is just as hard as finding the perfect suit. You need it to fit well on your body, but also look really good and also just be super comfortable. But something tells me there’s something more going on here than just trying on jeans. Clearly, this daughter got a little bored jean shopping and decided to have some fun with the mannequin… can you blame her?

4. Ah, wedding photos are the best. There’s a lot of responsibility on the photographer to capture every moment…the happy ones, the emotional ones and hey…even the funny moments. Then there are photos like this one. It honestly looks like a magical ceremony…until you take a good look at the groom’s shoes. Awkward.

5. Okay, this photo took me a few minutes to really notice what’s off. Guessing the best man got a little stressed and decided to dress like Waldo. Do you still not see what I’m talking about? Look behind the tree on the right. I wonder if they ever found him…


6. Aww, what a special moment. This little guy graduated! His parents must be so proud of him and his accomplishments. The dad looks so proud of his son and the kid looks like he’s about to paint the town after the ceremony. But the real question I have for this photo is whether or not this kid is a lefty or a righty? That’s a pretty strong hand he’s got there. Wow.

7. This team photo looks great. It honestly proves that there is no “I” in team…but there is “I” in vomit. Which is what that one kid was experiencing. Guess he gave it his all for his team. Really curious about what happened after this photo was taken and whether this team is still talking to that one kid. Poor guy.

8. When your team wins a game, it’s pretty mandatory to take a group photo in the change room. I mean, you want to remember the moment just moments after it happened. But that one team member wanted to jump into the shower way more than join his team selfie. Oh well, I guess he’s technically still in the photo, right?

9. This photo also took me a while to find what was up with it. I mean at first glance it’s just your typical cat photo that the owner took. Nothing weird, or off about it. But if you look real closely you’ll realize that this person has two cats. An adorable ginger cat and one that is literally a shadow with glowing, creepy eyes.

10. Just your typical adorable photo of a mom playing with her baby on the beach. When that kid grows up and his partner will want to look at his baby photos, they’ll always see that photo and…see the guy who’s “wearing” a bikini bottom behind them. 

11. Photos of your festive decorations are always nice, especially during the holiday season. But either this guy just absolutely adores waiting for Christmas carolers to come to his door or he just wants to spook the heck out of his family…or he just wanted to make a super creepy photo. We will never know.

12. This girl has accomplished what many of the great magicians were not able to…she is able to float down the hall. Well, not actually, but the fact that her pants literally camouflage with the floor. She should totally freak people out with this photo. It looks believable!

13. What’s so interesting about a rack of plain t-shirts? Nothing really right? I don’t even know why someone bothered taking this photo. But wait, if you take a good look at the red shirts, you’ll notice that the sleeves form a face. A creepy face. That makes it look like the shirts were possessed by a demon…  

14. That’s such a pretty photo of sunflowers. In fact, it’s so nice that it almost looks like the perfect photo to make a painting of. But wait, if you move your eyes to the bottom of the photo you’ll see an adorable little kitty…popping its way into the photo. So cute!

15. That’s such a pretty photo of sunflowers. In fact, it’s so nice that it almost looks like the perfect photo to make a painting of. But wait, if you move your eyes to the bottom of the photo you’ll see an adorable little kitty…popping its way into the photo. So cute!

16. That’s such a pretty photo of sunflowers. In fact, it’s so nice that it almost looks like the perfect photo to make a painting of. But wait, if you move your eyes to the bottom of the photo you’ll see an adorable little kitty…popping its way into the photo. So cute!

17. Just your typical group photo before graduation. But is it typical? Something tells me these three friends had no idea there was a fourth classmate trying to get in on the fun. I mean, I’m sure they realized after the photo was taken but that girl takes photobombing to a whole new level.

18. Vacation photos are always necessary for your Instagram page. This one, in particular, could have made for a really cool photo. It might have even taken her a couple of takes to get the perfect shot. Hopefully, she didn’t use this photo for her social media. Check out the woman behind her.  

19. This isn’t your regular beach photo. The person who was taking the photo was less worried about the girl in the bikini and more into the person behind her…who literally blends in with the sand. Can you still not see it? Take a closer, longer look. They literally camouflage with the sand. That’s a cool power to have, no?

19Reddit @syyraxus

20. A cute couple’s photo at a tennis game. But yet, it’s not a couples photo. It’s not just a photo of mom and dad. Too bad their son missed out on the photo…where could he be? He’s not on the courts. Oh, wait! He is in the photo! Look between the parents and you’ll see him. Sneaky…very sneaky.

21. This looks like a pretty happy family. The kids look like they’re pretty well behaved. But parents always say they could use a few extra hands to make their days a little bit easier. This guy literally seems to have an extra hand. Wonder how he managed to do that!!

22. Showing off a new tattoo is essential. You gotta make the photo look good so that you’ll get those likes and comments on Instagram and Facebook. But this girl totally forgot to put the toilet seat down. As a result, her dog totally killed her tattoo selfie.

23. Someone call child services immediately. The things people will do to take a perfect family photo. Maybe they just wanted the grown-ups in the photo and the younger kids just weren’t letting them do that. Maybe they just wanted a glass of wine, and the kids were hogging it all. Regardless, someone should call child services.

24. Everyone deserves to have a good education. Everyone. That includes dogs. Well, at least someone thought that this dog was smart enough to handle a University level lecture. Wonder if this guy ever ended up getting his diploma…who knows, maybe he aced all his lectures and tutorials in school. Impressive.


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