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Things You Are Not Allowed To Do In Saudi Arabia

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The Middle East has a lot of enjoyable activities to do. Places like Dubai have a ton of things that tourists and locals can do, such as shopping and driving those fast cars. It really is a place that is worth visiting.

But there are some other countries that comprise the Middle East region. One of those places is Saudi Arabia, a desert country that encompasses the Persian Gulf coast, the Arabian peninsula, and the Red Sea. It’s a beautiful place to visit.

However, for those of you who didn’t know, Saudi Arabia actually has some very strict rules that must be followed by those who live there and those who are visiting. Not sure what those rules are? We’re here to fill you in.

Here are a few things that you are absolutely not allowed to do if you live in or are visiting Saudi Arabia.

The first thing that is banned in Saudi Arabia is Pork. That means no bacon. At all. Actually, it’s considered a sin if you eat it.

No stores in this country have any items that contain pork. All other consumable meats should be “Halal” only.

Then there’s the ban on showing any skin. In fact, it’s completely inappropriate by law to wear any dress that shows skin. A Hijab is mandatory as well for females.

You can’t go to the cinema or theater. Saudi Arabia strongly censors any form of entertainment, but movie theaters are a big no no.

The cybercrime law in Saudi Arabia is pretty strict. So if street photography is your hobby, this country is definitely not where you can practice it.

If you’re looking for a vacation filled with partying and booze, Saudi Arabia is not the place for you. The country has a complete ban on alcohol and if it’s found on you, you can end up in prison.

Leaders in Saudi Arabia do not think it’s a good idea to allow women to get behind the wheel in their country. They believe it could lead to very negative consequences.

Judging by the strict rules we’ve listed for you so far, it is not surprising that another ban in Saudi Arabia is the ban on any form of pornography. That includes films, magazine, photos, etc.

Date nights in Saudi Arabia don’t exist. Single men and women are not allowed to be seen in public, even if they are amongst a group of friends. Unless they’re family, all opposite sex encounters are forbidden.

The religious police known as Muttawa are making sure no one is buying cats and dogs. It’s believed this action is an influence of Western civilization.

There is no such thing as freedom of religion in Saudi Arabia. If you aren’t Muslim, you can’t worship other gods or carry other religious symbols.

Good luck celebrating Valentine’s Day in this country. No one can be seen wearing red or having red roses. This is not an Islamic practice and may lead to people getting other ideas.

Though today, this law has been made a little more flexible. Stores were allowed to sell flowers for those who wished to have purchased them. The prices were definitely not cheap.

Music in public is prohibited in Saudi Arabia. There’s no music in the malls or even at public schools. Though there are locals who teach themselves or hire private tutors to teach them.

A lot of these bans are trying to be re-opened for discussion and to make the country a little more “Westernized.” Specially since the country is seeing a tourism boom lately.


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