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After Rushing To Visit Newborn, Family Quickly Discover It’s Not Who They Were Expecting

Having a child is a miraculous event. Not only does it require a lot of foresight, planning, and pain, but it also accumulates into a beautiful new life. And recently, there has been an abundance of ‘gender reveal parties’ that have taken the internet by storm. Whether it be smashing a pinata or slicing a cake, some of these gender reveal parties are fun, creative, and adorable.


However, Theresa Slater and her husband decided to surprise their family members in a unique way. Most of the Slater family was aware that Theresa was pregnant but they were unaware of the gender of the baby.

As the family entered the room, the oldest daughter could be seen in the corner pointing at the cot saying ‘babies,’ foreshadowing what the surprise might be. They were patiently expecting to see either a baby boy or a baby girl in the cot but with a hidden camera placed on the side, it provided the internet with a genuine, and heartwarming response to the Slater’s surprise.

When the curtains were pulled aside and the surprise was revealed, some of the family members couldn’t believe what they saw. The grandma could be heard saying ‘there’s two?!’ She was so genuinely surprised that she just flung her purse to the side and put her hands over her mouth.


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