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Keep Moving, Nothing To See Here, 16 Forbidden Places You Can’t Visit


There are many places around the world that promote tourism for the many benefits that come with visitors’ expenditure, including:

  • Economic benefits,
  • Social benefits,
  • Environmental benefits.

However, not every place is as welcoming to newcomers. There are some places that visitors are not granted access to and in some cases, extreme measures of security are integrated to make sure no one unsolicited enters.

Here are 16 forbidden places you’re not allowed to visit.

16. “Snake Island.” Located off the coast of Brazil, Ilha de Queimada Grande, is swarming with some of the world’s deadliest serpents. It’s estimated that there’s one snake to every square meter of the island. The island is closed off from the public and only Brazilian Navy and selected researchers can be granted access.

15. Device Assembly Facility. This heavily guarded site located in Nevada was initially used for nuclear testing, but is now used to “determine the viability of the United States’ aging nuclear arsenal.” The DAF is one of the safest, most secure locations anywhere in the United States.

14. Cheyenne Mountain. Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain is also home to what was initially the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). The complex, built within the mountain, is believed to be able to withstand a nuclear blast. The entrance is continually defended by guards.

13. Vatican Secret Archives. Containing numerous documents the Vatican church has accumulated over centuries, this central repository in the Vatican City is highly restricted. Only qualified scholars can apply for an entry car and even then are met with many limitations.


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