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16 Pictures That If They Don’t Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

Sometimes, we all can use a really good laugh. And what better to get you going then some silly pictures on the internet. Whether it be an animal being funny or a funny caption underneath a photo, one of these hilarious photos is bound to make you crack up. 

1. Although there are tons of hilarious comedians and movies out there, sometimes the funniest moments happen by accident or in the real world. Like this innocent delivery guy who was just doing his best to follow the instructions. It’s just so adorably hilarious. Looks like this customer wanted their package to be placed underneath the doormat. I guess to conceal it? I’m not sure if this is an artificial Christmas tree or a piece of furniture, but I’m not sure what the doormat is really doing here. Maybe this person orders a lot of stuff and has preset deliver instructions and forgot to edit them for this larger parcel. Either way, the delivery man did his job and deserves a tip. I can only imagine the look on the face of the person who came home to this sight. Kudos to the delivery man for following the customer’s request so closely. If only more followed in his footsteps.

2. And then there’s this guy who didn’t come home and yikes. It really does look like this is a photograph mourning the passing of a family member. The caption saying ‘our first Thanksgiving without him’ really adds to the illusion. I have a feeling this might be a  brother or a cousin playing a joke on Caleb.

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