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25 Halloween Costumes From 2017 That Deserve A Medal

I know that Halloween is over and Christmas is fast approaching but instead of worrying about saving money for presents, let’s all revisit some of the best Halloween costumes of 2017.

Twitter is a great place for using hashtags so we can all connect with one another and share stories but hashtags also have the tendency to get lost in the shuffle. If you type “Halloween” or “Halloween2017” into the search bar on Twitter there are still tons of costumes that pop up. That being said, it’s pretty easy to get lost in the shuffle of the great costumes we had this year. So, we grabbed 25 of the best ones we could see!

1. Mean Girls is literally one of the greatest movies of our generation. You’re wrong if you disagree. It’s a dumping ground for amazing costume ideas, which is what happened here. Damian and Janis are classic characters but dressing up as the Burn Book is a new idea for great costumes. Shout out to the person in the middle for not holding up a sign of the classic phrase but also for nailing the costume with the done up sweater and sunglasses.

capture Twitter/caitlinalanaaa

2. It’s always great to see people who add in little details to a costume that was homemade. This person dressed up like a Lego woman complete with the giant head (accompanied with the adorable little bow) and the little half cylinder hands. Not to mention, that eyeliner is on fleek so brownie points for that too.

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