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24 Weird Clothing Items That Raise A Lot Of Questions

2017 has been an upside-down year, so perhaps it’s no surprise that fashion experts have declared that ugly is the new fashionable. Platform crocs have flourished on runways, ground-dragging sleeves and garish colors have had their time in the sun, and overalls are, overall, still popular.

I must confess that I have a deep fondness in my heart for ugly clothes. In a prevailing fashion climate of beautiful, airbrushed perfection, the deliberately ugly is a statement of rebellion. Still, there are limits to how ugly you want your ugly fashion to be. Some clothes, like the inexplicably popular UGG boot (named after the sound I make when I see that people are still wearing them) are just too much. So we rated the year’s weirdest clothing items; the good, the bad, and, yes, the ugly.

1. Going For Bust: On the one (creepy polyester) hand, I support the designer’s desire to add fun to fashion. On the other (equally creepy) hand, given the recent spate of sexual harassment allegations, I’m not sure that they really have their finger on the pulse of the times. Or, if they do, they’re definitely all thumbs at their delivery, and someone needs to give them a helping hand. 3/7 UGG Boots.


2. Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman: Yep, this Vivienne Westwood shirt is literally a postage envelope, and it literally has Westwood’s London address on it. So, if you stuck a stamp on it, could you use it to mail them a strongly worded letter asking “Why, God, why?” 2/7 UGG Boots, and I’m not even addressing how much my eyes rolled back in my head at the words “Intellectuals Unite!”

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