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24 Simple, Ingenious Design Solutions To Everyday Problems

“Anyone can be complicated. Simplicity, that’s hard.”

– The Great Train Robbery

We live in a complex, fast-paced world, where problems stretch across the globe and solutions can be difficult to find. In light of that, it’s nice when we can find simple solutions to everyday problems. These 24 fixes solve problems from storage struggles to waste woes, and they’re all satisfyingly simple.

1. What Goes Up: The Flume bathtub is a masterclass in accessible industrial design, crafted to help wheelchair-users enjoy a bath with minimal or no assistance. Building on the principle of a child’s seesaw, the tub allows the user to get in on the side with the handles, and sit down in the associated seat. As the bathtub fills up with water, balancing out the weight of the user, the bathtub levels out naturally. The reverse happens when the water drains out of the bath, allowing the user to easily return to their wheelchair!

1 Emily Pollock

2. Lighting Bugs: CS Electric, an electrical company based in Belarus, was inspired by Thomas Edison’s quote that a firefly was an ideal source of cold light. Their beautiful packaging drew on that quote, as well as old-school physics illustrations. Not only does the design look way cute, it allows the buyer to look at the lightbulbs before they buy them while still keeping the fragile bulbs protected!

9e679650720363-58d81745aba30Emily Pollock

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