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25 Dirty Business Tactics That You May Not Know Exist

We all know that Wall Street gets up to some pretty shady business, but what about other industries?

A recent Reddit AMA asked people what dirty tricks were common in their industry, and commenters served up a filthy feast. From construction cons to salary scams, from food fraud to timeshare tricks, here are 25 dirty little industry secrets.

“I worked very briefly at an asphalt/paving company. It is apparently pretty standard practice for municipal construction projects (road building, bridges, highway repair, etc) to intentionally take a long time at the start of big projects. It works like this: It’s the beginning of construction season and your company is dirt poor. Bid on a huge job that you don’t have the materials for. When you put up the “road under construction” signage, you receive a percentage of the payment in advance of actual work. Use that money to buy the materials for several smaller (and higher profit) jobs. A month later, you finally have enough money to buy the materials for the big government contract that you’ve supposedly been working on all along. This is why you’ll often see road closures that seem to go on for way longer than makes sense.” (LemurianLemurLad)

“Not sure if this is an industry practice, but a very popular online retail company in my country has no in-house web designers or any other IT staff beyond your generic networking techs. Any time their website or backend systems need work, they simply advertise a permanent position and give the job of sorting out whatever they need doing as a “trial” for the candidate. Once completed, they then inform them that the position is no longer available and send them on their way. They’ve been doing this for years.” (co0p3r)


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