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25 Times Men Proved You Can’t Win Against a Pregnant Woman

The first rule of living with a pregnant woman is to do everything she says – or else. Don’t forget that everything she says is right (even if it isn’t) and her mood swings are not her fault. Don’t even think about complaining about being uncomfortable anywhere in her vicinity, don’t mention the pregnancy weight, and always, always, make every attempt to satisfy her food cravings. You’ll thank me later.

This wonderful pregnant woman shared the adorable cake her husband made for her. Husband Ryan has clearly learned the secret to handling a pregnant woman: apologizing before you do that terrible and/or annoying thing she’s definitely going to be angry at you for later. Extra points for writing out your apology in chocolate.

Remember, food becomes increasingly important to the happiness and well-being of your pregnant partner. So, before you even consider eating whatever she hid in the fridge, look for violent notes on Tupperware such as this one to get an idea of how important that food is to her. Decide if the risk is worth the reward and proceed.


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