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25 Ideas From People Who Know How To Use Useless Stuff

Everyone knows someone in their family or in their friendships that is one of those thrifty Macgyver-types.

Picture this: you’re visiting an Uncle that you haven’t seen in a while and he invites you to check out his back deck. Hanging in the tree are all of your old high school trophies that you thought you sold months ago at a yard sale. What are the old rusty trophies doing now? Why, your Uncle has repurposed them into birdfeeders! Suddenly you wished you had kept them for a similar use, but then you remember that you’d have a backyard full of junky old rusty trophies… but you have to admire his creativity.

There’s always that one person who figures out a use for something that might seem completely mundane, which actually ends up being quite ingenious or useful. The following 25 images are of various objects that might seem completely useless to the naked eye, but when given to a creative person they take on an entirely new purpose!

1) Plastic Bottle Repurpose: This avid cyclist knows what’s up. They have taken an old 2L plastic bottle and recycled it to a completely new purpose. This is now a splash guard which should ensure that the cyclist’s clothes are completely dry and free from mud in the event of a rainfall! Remarkable!

2) Backyard Lounge Chair: We can’t say we’d particularly want this in our backyards, but you have to admire this person for their ingenuity. They have taken an old grocery store shopping cart and turned it into a backyard lounge chair. Seems ridiculous, but when you think about it, they’re rust resistant and have their own wheels! Wow!

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