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25 Photos You Need To Look At A Few Times To Understand

Optical illusions have been around since the earliest recorded histories. The term Pareidolia describes a psychological phenomenon where the person with Pareidolia typically sees a pattern, image, or sound where none exists. A famous example of this is the infamous “Face on Mars” an image of a geological formation that resembles an alien structure of some kind.

A lot of the times, you may see an image and think nothing of it. But a friend may take a glimpse at the same image and see something radically different. This may also happen where you interpret an image a certain way and apply emotion to it where none may be. It’s a common phenomenon that typically affects most people who tend to anthropomorphize most things in their lives. The following 25 images will play with your mind, and require you to look at them a few times before you understand the concept behind them!

1) Silly Sad Cucumber Slices: Oh no! Would you just look at these sad little cucumber slices? They’re so sad! Look at those whimpering eyes, those shocked little mouths. You can almost hear them crying! Wahh! We’re cute little cucumber slices! Don’t eat us! Wahhh! Can YOU see the sad cucumbers? Weeee! So funny! This first image is a prime example of seeing faces where none actually are.

2) Two Buildings In A Lover’s Embrace: Awe! Would you look at that? These two modern apartment buildings have apparently fallen in love with one another. Just look at how one stretches out its support struts to give the other building a long lover’s embrace. This isn’t actually the case, obviously. This architect cleverly designed the building, but we hardly think his intentions were to have the buildings hugging.

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