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25 Pictures From The 2017 Birth Photo Competition That Show The True Strength Of Mothers

Just recently, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers decided to showcase the winners of their 2017 contest.

But as much or as little as we know about pregnancies, there are actually a lot of surprising facts that we might not be aware of. Some of these include a change in a mother’s appetite. Often times, a food that the mother suddenly has a craving for will end up being the favorite food of the child when he or she grows up. Research performed by the American Academy of Pediatrics showed that when a mother exposes her child to a variety of different flavors in the womb, it can have an effect on the baby’s flavor preference when they begin to eat solid foods!

But some of these photos are meant to illustrate the physical, mental and spiritual journey that all mothers must endure in order to bring a new life into their family. Many of these images encapsulate the famous saying that a picture can be worth a thousand words. These pictures showcase relief, pain, pleasure, joy, fulfillment and unconditional love all in one instance. Each picture is meant to capture a moment between a mother, her new baby, and the surrounding family members. So here are 25 pictures that were voted either as winners of the contest or deserving of an honorable mention.


This particular picture won the best picture in the category of postpartum. The stillness of the water accompanied by the baby’s peaceful sleep make this a truly serene photo. Although a full term pregnancy is usually 37 to 42 weeks, most estimated dates are just an educated guess and not a firm deadline.


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