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25 Staircases That Really Step It Up

“L’esprit de l’escalier” is the French phrase for when you think of a good comeback just a little too late to actually use it. It literally translates to “the spirit of the stairs,” and Philosopher Denis Diderot came up with it after he was roasted so brutally at a party that he couldn’t even think of a response until he was on the stairs out.

Alas, I can’t offer a cure for l’esprit de l’escalier, but I can offer you some beautiful staircases to have it on. These 25 staircases stun with their beautiful, creative, and functional designs, and looking at them may ease the sting of realizing the perfect comeback to your obnoxious cousin’s veiled insults seconds after you leave the family reunion.

1. Back Support: According to designer Andrew McConnell, this staircase is meant to mimic a whale’s spine. McConnell says that most of the work went into “refining the single [vertebrae],” and its linkable structure allows homeowners to make different sizes of stairs, from a blue-whale-sized tower to a tiny staircase more fit for a dwarf sperm whale.

Rainbow House

2. It’s Hip To Be Square: The design here is more practical than many on the list; it’s designed to fit into one square meter of floor space, making it easy to drop in an attic staircase. Everything about this piece is designed for functionality, from the thin safety railing up the center to the gripping treads on the edge of each stair – except for the color, which is just sheer beauty for the purpose of beauty.


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