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25 Times People Got Busted For Being Snakes

There’s nothing more satisfying than catching a liar in the act, whether it’s a fake friend or a conniving co-worker. Several recent Reddit threads have asked people for their snake-wrangling stories, and the resulting stories featured two-faced toddlers, deceptive dealerships, exhausting exes, and, yes, some real-live reptiles. Here are twenty-five of the best!


“Oh man, there was a mechanic in my hometown…
One of my friends goes in and gets something done. The mechanic says he needs new radiator hoses, so this kid pays for new hoses. A few months later, his mom takes the car back in for an oil change, and guess what, the same mechanic says she needs new radiator hoses! She tells her husband, and her husband drops by. This is where it gets good.
Husband: “You said I needed new radiator hoses, right?”
Mechanic: “Yeah.”
Husband: “How long are those supposed to last”
Mechanic: “A few years, then they get rigid and run the risk of leaking.”
Husband: “I got my radiator hoses changed out a few months ago, would you sign an affidavit saying that the last mechanic to work on my car charged me for work he didn’t do?”
Mechanic: “Sure.”
The husband then used the affidavit to sue the mechanic for three times the cost of the work.” (deleted)

“A girl I go to school with did everything she could for attention. She walked into class one day with a huge bruise on her cheek, claiming that she had been punched in the face at a party. Fast-forward a few days and we’re both at a mutual friend’s house, she still has the “bruise” and won’t stop talking about it and trying to make us feel bad for her. Upon looking a little closer, I see that the “bruise” is slightly sparkly. It’s obviously makeup. So I tell her that I have something to put on bruises to make them heal faster, and she agrees to try it out. It was actually makeup remover. I put some on a cotton pad and with one swipe, the bruise was gone. At first, she tried to keep the lie going, saying, “Wow! That stuff really works!” and such, but then she gave up and stormed out of the house, throwing a fit.” (twlohaliyah)

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