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25 Tweets Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Twitter is a little like your family’s Thanksgiving dinner: you can’t leave even though you want to, people aren’t as funny as they think they are, and there are a whole lot of racists. But every once and a while, you can pick through the 3,000 accounts of people with Pepe icons and find some stuff that’s actually funny and relevant.

In this apocalyptic train wreck of a year, where we have been forced to face the specters of nuclear war, global climate change, rampant sexual assault, and the Emoji movie, we all desperately need a laugh. So, here at Providr, we’ve searched through our collective Twitter feed and found the 25 tweets that make us laugh the most.

After all, sometimes, you gotta laugh or you’ll cry.

As a survivor of the Gifted Program, let me tell you: not only would many gifted kids think their toothbrushes are haunted, but they would go to school, convince all the other kids that their toothbrushes are haunted too, and when their teacher tells them to stop saying that, write a four-page essay about why they’re right. 

Halloween is over, you say? Well, Halloween can be year-round if you keep the spirit of the season in your heart and also if you’re already an undead creature desperately holding on to some pretense of life while wearing clothes that look like someone dug them up from a deep crypt!

Honestly, after the year’s endless montage of Woke Male Feminists™ “I didn’t see women as people until I had a daughter” quotes, this tweet is both what we need and what we deserve. 

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