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25 Women Share Stories About The Weird Ways Men Routinely Creep Them Out

With Hollywood currently dealing with a watershed moment of clarity as women and victims of sexual harassment come forward with their stories, it seems poignant and inspiring for others to do the same.

The following 25 stories come from women expressing the strange and bizarre ways men behave around them. Whether it be how a man approaches them in a bar, to how they interact with them at their jobs, to just plain old cat calling on the streets. These stories express how men routinely creep them out and showcase some of the more bizarre behaviors men exhibit when attempting to woo women.

1) Excuse Me: One way men routinely tend to creep me out is when they put their hand on the small of my back (too close to my butt) as they try to get past me. I can see if I almost bumped into them and that’s like, the quickest place they could reach to stop me, but otherwise why not my shoulder? Or my upper back? There’s literally a hundred ways for you to get by me without touching my behind. Also, I hate when guys don’t believe me when I say I have a significant other. Also don’t put your phone right in my face expecting to get my phone number. (Reddit user: Shantles)

2) The Hobby Problem: Just because the two of us share the same hobby as you, does NOT mean I’m prime dating material. There might not be a lot of women who are into overwatch, magic the gathering, dungeons and dragons, etc, but that’s not a reason to assume I also don’t know what I’m doing. If I go to a magic the gathering event, there’s a 90% chance I’ll be stared at like I’m an animal at a zoo. A bunch of guys will say how RARELY they see a girl playing Magic the Gathering, and I should automatically spend more time with them, learn the game ‘better’ by going on a date. For the love of god please treat me like a person and not a potential date. Spoiler alert: I’m also gay! (Reddit user: hploy)

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