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27 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

Most of us use household items without paying too much attention to them. What you may not know is that some items have symbols or tricks to them that can actually make your life a lot easier. Some examples of these include a stapler, lollipop sticks, shoes, measuring tapes, labels, rulers and aluminum foil wrap.

So, the next time you are using one of the items on this list, use one of these tricks and you’ll find that they make everything just a little more simple. Take a look at any of your makeup products. You’ll notice a symbol that resembles a little container. Inside of the container symbol, you’ll also notice a  “6M”, “12M” or “24M” written beside it. The numbers stand for the shelf life of your makeup. This is a great way to make sure that you’re not using expired products on your precious skin. 6M indicates that it will go bad after 6 months, 12M is for 12 months and 24M is for two whole years. So keep track of when you purchase these items and if they are past their expiration date, throw them out! You can write the date of the purchase on the container or the tube itself.

Using expired makeup products can be greatly detrimental. It can cause rashes, skin infections or breakouts. These are all things that you want to avoid, so ladies (and men) please make sure to avoid the use of expired makeup! You might think it’s ok to do it once, but once is all it takes to ruin your skin.

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