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25 Actors Whose Performances Ruin Otherwise Decent Movies

When it comes to acting, there is any number of greats out there who have dazzled the silver screen with their personas and character portrayals. However, every so often there are actors that ruin movies for us.

To make things worse they might have otherwise been great movies too had it not been for that one performance. There’s a tradition in Hollywood called the Golden Raspberry Awards (or the Razzie awards) that is a mock award show to give actors rewards for the worst performances ever. Some of the actors on this list are Razzie winners, even several time winners. Many have nominations, however, some aren’t even on the award show’s microscope.

No matter what there’s always that one movie that sticks out in our minds as being good if it weren’t for that one actor’s line or performance. The following 25 performances come from actors that ruin movies for us that may otherwise be good films were it not for their involvement.

1) Sean Connery – The Hunt For Red October: Ridiculous accents aside, this film is no doubt a great thriller ride for all. Based off of Tom Clancy’s novel, The Hunt For Red October was meant to be an action-packed thrill ride for the whole fam. However, Sean Connery’s very obvious Scottish accent makes it very hard to believe he’s a former Russian military general.

2) Arnold Schwarzenegger – Conan The Barbarian: Despite its flaws, Conan The Barbarian was shaping up to be a beautiful, action-packed fantasy about the famed swordsman. However, Schwarzenegger’s performance seemed mockish and fell short of serious, likely preventing the film from reaching blockbuster success despite its good performance at the box office.

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