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20+ Times The American Healthcare System Surprised The Rest Of The World

America is famously resistant to the idea of universal healthcare, but these 25 American healthcare horror stories will have you wondering about exactly what Americans are trying to protect.

1. I got pregnant @ 19 – I was at a decent job, but unfortunately had no health insurance. My 1st doctor appointment, they sat me down for “financial counseling” on how I was going to afford the hospital bill to pay them. I couldn’t afford the projected 20K hospital bill on my own, so they suggested I apply for Medicaid. Called the Medicaid office and was denied because I made FIFTY DOLLARS over the income limit per year. They told me that I should quit my job so that I would qualify for public assistance – otherwise the bill would be entirely on me.

Luckily, I had a boss that I could really confide in. She cut back my pay by like ten cents an hour, something ridiculously insignificant like that, and wrote a letter to my caseworker letting her know that it was due to “company budgetary restraints”. Voila, I got the help I needed.
Not many people are nearly as lucky as I was. The fact that I was actually TOLD to quit my job in order to be able to ‘afford’ having my son still makes my stomach churn. (submitted by user magdaleena)

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