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Some Of The Weirdest Things Found Inside Of Animals

Humans (especially kids) have always longed for pets. Some want a hamster, while others prefer a horse, but sometimes the animals that we domesticate end up eating things around our house.

Animals can be pretty weird creatures sometimes. Whether it’s because of their puppy dog eyes or because of the ferociousness of an apex predator, animals can shock and stun us. If you’ve ever owned a pet, visited a zoo, or even been out in the wild, you probably know that animals will pretty much eat anything and everything they can get their hands (or paws, or claws) on. While some animals such as the dung beetle prefer dung and others such as an orca prefer other mammals and sea creatures, more domesticated animals have a rather ‘human-like’ diet. Some unexpected things you may find inside of an animal are: money, light bulbs and or other animals. Whether you love or hate animals, I’m sure we can all agree that they do some pretty weird things sometimes. You’d be surprised at what some of them eat without even realizing it! Here are some of the absolute weirdest things found inside of animals.

  1. Any dog lover probably knows what it’s like to have to take care of an animal that eats just about everything. That was the case for Cody, a cute little Golden Retriever puppy. When Cody’s owners realized that their puppy seemed to be having stomach issues, they took him to the vet. There, they found out that Cody had swallowed a light bulb whole. You’ll be happy to hear that he recovered just fine!

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