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16 Hilarious Ways To Deal With An Annoying Neighbor

You may be able to choose your roommates, but you can’t choose your neighbors. Sometimes the contrast of different lifestyles living next door to each other can result in some neighborly bad blood. There are multiple ways to diffuse this situation, but these 25 people found hilarious ways to deal with their annoying neighbors.

1. No matter where you’ve lived, chances are you’ve dealt with an extremely annoying neighbor. Your reasons for not getting along may vary, but still, it’s technically a universal situation or a rite-of-passage, if you will. Even the sweetest people have felt the overwhelming annoyance of dealing with someone next door that they just don’t get along with. If you’re thinking right now that you’ve never dealt with something like this then there’s a possibility that you’re lying to yourself. Or maybe you were the annoying neighbor. I bet you never thought of that, huh? One of the pettiest complaints a neighbor can have is when it doesn’t affect them. The neighbor that thought calling the cops on this person’s flamingo-adorned lawn was a good idea was greatly mistaken. They may have just wanted the eye sore gone from their street, but little did they know, they started a war.

2. If you don’t own a dog, there’s really no reason you should be picking up dog poop off of your lawn. However, there’s a lot of lazy dog walkers out there who don’t bother picking up after their fluffy friend. This person has clearly had enough and this threat should keep all dropping away in the future.

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