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How People Turned Awkward Moments Into Total Awesomeness

No matter how cool we are, we’ve all been in awkward situations. Maybe you addressed an acquaintance by the wrong name, maybe you waved back at someone when they weren’t waving at you, maybe you decided it would be cool to blow up balloons with your nose on stage at the Grade 8 talent show and only realized halfway through that it would make you a social pariah…The point is, we’ve all gotten into situations we’d have preferred not to be in.

But sometimes, people are able to turn that embarrassment around and get something good out of it. Here are twenty-five tales of awkward situations turned awesome.

1. Kiss Kiss Fall In Love: “My best mate invited his close childhood friend along to the beach with me and my girlfriend. They secretly had been crushing on each other for years, unbeknownst to me and each other. Long story short, I was taking pictures of them at sunset and jokingly told them to kiss. They did. That night they spilled their guts to each other and now they’ve been dating for 4 months with plans to marry. I have a beautiful shot of their first kiss on my computer.” (HumbleSuperGod )

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2. Lucky Break: “I played coed soccer when I was 10. Collided with a girl and broke her arm in an accident. She had a piano duet the next week. Felt horrible. Turns out her partner also broke her other arm. They ended up playing their recital together on the same bench. (slingithajime )

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