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25 Genius Parents Who Used Baby Carriers In Their Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, many of us are not only scrambling to look for costumes but also scrambling to drop those final few pounds to look extra ‘fit’ in our costumes.

Now most of us want to rock something a little unique while generating some attention. We want our costumes to be ‘conversation-starters’, the ones that cause a double-take, where you can’t help but look twice. The costumes that just inherently incite conversation. ‘Where did you get that?’ ‘What are you even trying to be?’ ‘How’d you manage to fit in that?’ These are all questions we expect to get asked when we wear a creative, funny, and thought-inspiring costume. But what happens when you have kids and still want to celebrate Halloween? Your child is a little too young to go trick-or-treating but not that young where they can’t enjoy a night out on possibly the spookiest day of the year. So parents have come up with some rather unique and creative costume ideas for them and their children. Whether it be a cute ET in a tiny basket or a baby Yoda, here are 25 creative costume ideas for parents and expectant mothers.


1. This costume is pretty ‘fly’ (get it?) Not only does it include both babies in this creative outfit but it also provides them with ample back and butt support. It doesn’t require the parents to constantly have to hold their kids either!


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