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These 25 Cute Baby Donkeys Are Everything You Need To See Today

You can’t believe you’ve never thought of this before!

Rain pours down on your little barn, but you don’t care. A baby donkey farm! It’s genius! People told you that it was a stupid idea and that no one would turn up to a farm exclusively for baby donkeys, but they were WRONG. There before your beautiful baby donkey farm is a line of at least thirty eager and excited looking teenage boys, all giddy to see your baby donkeys. You smile brightly, proud of your achievement. Take THAT Stacy, your STUPID pig farm ain’t nothing compared to your donkey farm!

As you open the doors to begin the donkey tour, you announce: “GENTLEMEN! Trust me, These 25 Cute Baby Donkeys Are Everything You Need To See Today!

1. Tip-toe, through the tulips. As you come to the first donkey, the spirits of the teenage boys seem to dwindle a little. “Gaze upon THIS donkey!” you say “isn’t it just ADORBS?”.

2. Not even close, baby! The teenage boys stare awestruck by the baby donkey, either gawking at its cuteness or less likely, they’re confused. You chuckle a little bit, boys, they’re SO silly!

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