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25 Times People Probably Should Have Checked The Background Before Posting Online

Many people don’t think twice before uploading a picture of themselves to garner all of those sought after likes. However, some pictures should really be reviewed before being plastered on the Internet. Here are 25 times people should have checked the background of their photo before posting it online.

1. Let’s face it, when most of us are uploading a picture of ourselves, we naturally get a little superficial and just focus on how we look in the photo. However, that vanity can be a major downfall when you become blind to something blatant in the picture that you’d probably not want your followers seeing. One of the biggest offenders when it comes to an unintentionally embarrassing picture is mirrors. We may use them to make sure we look good, but they can also reveal a sometimes humiliating different perspective. This girl tried to create the illusion that her boyfriend was trying to take a candid picture of her, the “no pictures” hand out and all. Unfortunately for her, the bathroom mirror makes it quite obvious that she’s alone and taking the picture of herself. The minor slip up turned this intentionally “unsolicited” picture into something very intentional and also very lonesome.

2. While taking a picture of his son before going to some sort of formal event, this father should have really been more conscious of the reflection in the wall mirror. I guess just because his son is all dressed up and ready to go, doesn’t mean he has to be.  

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