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16 Fast Food Items to Never Ever Order (And 9 Ways To Order Healthier)

For those perpetually on the go, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to the nutritional facts and indulge in a good ol’ greasy fast food meal. Sometimes it’s out of opportuneness, sometimes it’s just because it’s too good to resist. However, many consumers are becoming more health conscious, which is something companies have taken note of and are trying to cater to. Still, many of us are aware that when we order fast food, we’re sacrificing healthiness for convenience.

While there are certainly some fast food menu items that do little to disguise their lack of nutritious value, there are others that might seem like healthier choices that are surprisingly not. According to dietitians, nutritionists, and former fast-food employees, there are a number of fast food options that should be avoided and the results may sway your next order. Here are 16 fast food items to never order and 9 ways to make your meal-on-the-go a healthier one.

1. Lunch Meats.
You might opt for a sub sandwich as a healthier fast food alternative to a burger, but that’s not always the case. Due to how processed lunch meats are, the high levels of sodium can cause high blood pressure, and The American Institute for Cancer Research warns that they can increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

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2. Pre-Dressed Salads.
While salads are generally the healthier of options when it comes to fast food, many places over-dress their salads to improve the taste. It’s recommended to get dressing on the side and to not use an entire packet. There can be a surprising amount of calories, sugar, and fat in a pre-made dressing, which can make this meal option a lot less healthy.

Barbara Dudzinska

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