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These Are The 25 Shower Habits That You Need To Ditch

Most people have adapted somewhat of a routine when it comes to jumping in the shower. Whether you limit yourself to a military shower or you indulge in a drenched dance party, there are some common habits we’ve all naturally acquired into our cleaning process. While you might think you have mastered the art of showering by now, there are some routine things many of us do that aren’t actually that healthy for us.

The best shower practices for healthy hair and skin can come down to more than simply washing both. You may have established your own personal routine, but it could also be affecting you in ways you’d never thought of. Here are 25 shower habits that you should think about ditching for the next time you pull that rain lever.

1. Washing your face in the shower.
Despite how easy slow-motion face wash commercials make it look, washing your face in the sink can get pretty messy, which is why a lot of us opt to kill two birds with one stone and do it in the shower. However, this process can be damaging to the skin due to the high temperatures drying out skin. Hot water can result in excessive redness and irritation, especially for those with skin conditions.

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2. Soap dishes.
Most showers have built-in soap dishes, but leaving a bar of soap there can actually end up becoming a breeding ground for germs. If you use a bar of soap to wash yourself, you should store it in a dry place in between uses and make sure to rinse the bacteria-ridden goop encompassing it before lathering up.

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