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Wedding Guests Share Bad Signs They Noticed That The Couple Getting Married Should Rethink Their Decision

Getting married is something that a lot of people aspire to do. Having that one person to be your companion forever is definitely a rather romantic thought that makes a lot of people happy and filled with desire.

But, not every person you date should necessarily be heralded up as ‘the one’, not even if you’ve been dating for a long time. They say you ‘know’ when a person is the one, but there are a lot of people who believe that their significant other might be the one even despite all the warning signs.

And yes, the warning signs have been there all along. For example, if your significant other has cheated on you multiple times then marriage probably won’t fix that. If you’re an irresponsible person who can hardly even take care of an animal, maybe you and your spouse shouldn’t be planning to have three kids.

Still, people do wind up getting married to people that maybe they shouldn’t have and other people can definitely tell when that might be the case. Although it’s definitely too late now, the following 25 Reddit users shared the times they attended an extremely uncomfortable wedding where divorce predictions were swiftly made.

1. My niece was 27-years-old, a top-tier lawyer, and a really beautiful woman. She was marrying a thrice-divorced 42-year-old man who has somewhat of a mysterious means of financial support. He was attractive but aloof. Her parents were gritting their teeth because they hated the guy. We flew in a day before the wedding and after the rehearsal, I had a few minutes alone with my niece.

I was always her favorite aunt, so all I had to do was ask if she really wanted to marry this guy. The floodgates opened and she started to bawl as she wasn’t sure and she didn’t know what to do. I calmed her down and she told me she realized this guy wasn’t the right man for her however she was too afraid to back out with all the time, money, travel, and planning that had been invested.

Long story short, we had a midnight meeting with her parents and she called off the wedding. Of course, it was difficult and the groom’s family went ballistic. Thousands of dollars had been spent but everyone close to my niece was extremely relieved. Instead of a wedding reception, we had a family reunion with all the food. My niece ended up marrying a nice guy a couple of years later in a civil ceremony. They’re stable and have three kids now. (longleglady)

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