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25 Facebook Posts From People Who Really Can’t Spell

Being a good speller may not hold as much merit as it used to now that features like spell check and auto correct have become integrated into our daily lives, but proper spelling is still undeniably important. Spell check systems are not foolproof and one error slipping through the cracks can completely derail the sentence you attempted to relay.

In a generation that feels the need to short-form everything and speak in acronyms, proper spelling may feel like it’s getting left behind. However, if you take a gander through your Facebook news feed, there’s always one person who demonstrates why understanding how to spell correctly can be vital. Here are 25 people whose bad spelling left them with embarrassing results.

1. It’s probably a good idea to do a once over and maybe even give Google some love before posting something that all your friends and family can see. Sometimes a couple of letters can make a very big difference. This girl may have wanted to boast about her boyfriend’s lingering cologne scent, but instead, told the world that her hair smells like the final section of his digestive system.

2. Reading a sentence aloud can truly do wonders to make sure you’re saying what you want to say. Clearly (hopefully), this person was trying to say that their soup was made of fresh veggies from their parents’ garden. However, given the very confusing choice of word placement, this recipe teeters on being cannibalistic. Parents’ garden? Sounds appetizing. Parents as a soup ingredient? Not so much.

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