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25 Idiots Who Really Need To Learn To Spell In 2018

Spelling may not seem as important as it once did now that spell check and auto-correct have come along to save the day. However, even now, there are still some people who manage to slip through the cracks and write in a way that ends up looking like a Mad Gab version of the word. They say the trick is to sound it out, but these poor spellers are clearly out of tune.

There are some words we all struggle with, especially when you’ve never seen the word written, only heard it out loud. This can lead to some unintentional embarrassment when these mistakes end up in a text message or worse, on social media for everyone to see. However, for everyone else, it can be an entertaining read. Here are 25 terrible spellers who should really spend some time with a dictionary.

1. It’s fair enough if you forget the n with a tilde when typing piña colada, but when your interpretation of the word is so off that not even Google can decipher what you meant, you should probably prioritize your inquiries. “Peanutcludas” sounds a lot more like a bag of peanut-flavored clusters than anything drinkable.

2. This person may be “feeling confused,” but probably not half as confused as their friends reading this grammatical disaster. Misspelling lactose intolerant is fairly forgivable, but “lack toast and tall of rent”? Breaking a word down to help spell it does not mean just using phonetically similar smaller words as a substitute. Also, when this person wrote “tidy milk,” they weren’t referring to neatly arranged dairy.

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