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25 Sculptures Too Beautiful for This World

Some beautiful sculptures are well-known; almost everyone knows about Michelangelo’s David, or New York’s statue of liberty. But some are hidden gems, waiting to be found by someone with a discerning eye. So we collected 25 gorgeous statues from around the world to broaden your mind and brighten your day!

The Kelpies: These enormous horses, made of fabricated steel, were put up as part of the Helix “land transformation” project in Falkirk, Scotland. They’re meant to represent the history of Scotland’s industry and economy and, in sculptor Andy Scott’s words serve as a “socio-historical monument intended to celebrate the horse’s role in industry and agriculture.” Whatever a “sociohistorical monument” actually is, it’s sure a beautiful statue!

Monument to Joe Louis: Created in 1986 by Mexican-American sculptor Robert Graham, this sculpture is an unusual monument to a remarkable man. Louis is most famous for beating German boxer Max Schmeling in 1938. The fight was a blow to the German illusion of “Aryan superiority,” and Hitler was reportedly furious that Germany’s best had lost to a black man. Due to Louis’ outspoken campaigning against Jim Crow laws, Graham meant the fist to stand as a “battering ram” against racial injustice.

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