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10 Beauty Secrets From The Past That Are Useful Even Today

Beauty tips and tricks have been around for centuries. Some have failed, while others have thrived and still remain popular today. Whether it’s using lettuce or coconut oil, some beauty tips and secrets are timeless, which is why women (and men!) still continue to use them today.

1. That’s why you’ll enjoy this list of 10 ancient beauty secrets that are still used today. The first one is called “sugaring.” Women have been removing hair from their bodies for thousands and thousands of years. Sugaring started in ancient Egypt when women began using this method to get rid of their hair. Sugaring, like waxing, removes hair straight from the roots so that it grows back much softer. The reason sugaring is often chosen over waxing is because it is actually much, much less painful than waxing is. Sugaring uses paste rather than wax to remove hair. Paste doesn’t stick to the skin like wax does, thus making it a whole lot less painful when removing hair. Sugaring has been used as a method of hair removal for centuries in North Africa, the Middle East and in Greece. The paste consists of sugar, lemon, and hot water, and only sticks to the hair as opposed to the skin.

2. Everyone knows how annoying pimples are. In China, women would use special mung beans to treat acne and pimples. Mung beans carry lots of protein and vitamins. These beans are found in India and China and are great to use in face masks. Women would turn them into a paste to help their facial skin.

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