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25 Before And After Photos Of People With Fresh Haircuts

It may seem silly but hair can be a huge part of our identity and sometimes it’s easier to grow an attachment to it than it is to grow it! Hair can serve as a comfort blanket to many men and women who just prefer what’s easy and familiar.

But it can also be a great tool when you’re looking for a change. Because our hair has the ability to express our personalities, chopping your hair, changing the color or trying a new style can really be a way of feeling like a new person.

It may be hard for some people to ever see themselves doing such drastic hair transformations – change can be difficult for everyone – but after seeing a couple of these incredible new looks you might be itching for the scissors sooner than you think!

1. Chopping your hair can feel like a dramatic change in and of itself, but deciding to change the color at the same time – now that’s bold! This woman’s bold move paid off though when she decided to make the switch from a blonde ombre to cotton candy pink. Props to the hairstylist for being able to get this perfect shade.

2. This Imgur user called his hairstylist a “hero” after managing to transform his blonde, lion-mane inspired shag into a clean comb-over. Add the sharp, cleaned-up beard and this gentleman looks like an entirely new person! His ears must be feeling the fresh breeze for the first time in years.


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