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People Share Stories About The Small Things They Did That Had Big Consequences

It’s only natural that when you make a big decision or change in your life that the consequences will be of a similar magnitude. However, sometimes the small things can unexpectedly have similar results. Positive or negative, many of us have experienced drastic outcomes from things we’ve done that seemed relatively minor at the time.

One Redditor asked the community what small decisions they’ve made in their lives have resulted in significant impacts or consequences. The responses prove that even the most insignificant things we do on a daily basis can make way for some seriously radical aftermath. Here are 25 stories of people whose seemingly inconsequential actions ended up being highly consequential.

1. Sky Is Not The Limit: “From grade 6 to 12, my commute home on the school bus lasted about an hour. I’d often spend the morning ride in doing homework and the ride home reading. One day, I forgot my book so I ran to the library to grab anything to keep me entertained on my long journey home. I panicked and grabbed an astronomy book on a whim, From the Big Bang to Planet X by Terence Dickinson. By the end of the ride, I was already thinking about what kind of telescope I wanted to buy and suddenly realized that any 13-year-old could grow up to be an astronomer if they wanted to. I followed that dream and now I am an astronomer, and it’s all because of that one book I happened to grab in a rush after school.” (Reddit user: Andromeda321)

1AstroStar /

2. For Your Entertainment: “I’m a very shy guy normally so starting a conversation with girls is not my strong suit. However, one morning I was still half-drunk from a party and my buddy was having a really bad weekend. I decided to walk up and talk to this hot girl, in public, so he could get a laugh from my inevitable rejection. I looked like a mess and did it purely to raise his spirits. Ten years later, we’re married with two kids and couldn’t be happier.” (Reddit user: soomuchcoffee)

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