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Bisexual People Who Have Dated Both Men And Women Talk About What It’s Like

Much ink has been spilled over the differences and similarities between the genders, and we’re no closer to settling the issue than we ever have been. While books like, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” claim that men and women are entirely different species, speaking different languages, others claim that men and women are far more alike than they are different.

The whole issue gets even more complicated when we start talking relationships. For many people who have dated only one gender, it’s interesting to think about how dating men might compare to dating women, or vice-versa!

To settle this question, we asked the experts; twenty-five bisexual people who have dated both men and women.

1. “Bisexual guy here. I honestly find men to be MUCH sweeter in a relationship. It’s not that they can’t or won’t express their feelings; a lot of them just don’t know how. Men, despite their sexuality, are taught to bottle up feelings and not express vulnerability. I find it so cute when the guy I’m with gets flustered when trying to get deep, cause you can tell that he’s trying.” (SoYoung_SoHigh)

2. “I find it’s pretty surprising how not at all different it is dating men and women. Some people are up front communicators, some people say “fine” and don’t mean it – regardless of gender. People have hang ups and expectations and assumptions and sore spots and baggage in pretty damn similar ways, regardless of gender. I there’s more variability between individuals than between the sexes.” (micromorticia)

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