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25 Items That Are Definitely Not On Anyone’s Black Friday Shopping List

For the shopaholics of the world, the day following Thanksgiving Day has become something of a holiday of its own. A day that acts like an opening ceremony for the Christmas season, but instead of spreading love and cheer, people embrace their animalistic tendencies and the only tunnel vision to their rage blackout is an unbeatable deal. Black Friday has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year for more than a decade, and each year, there’s a number of coveted products that people will do anything to get their hands on.

However, then there are products that have had their prices drastically reduced, not because they are in demand, but because no one in their right mind would want them. Every large store has a few questionable items and some are destined to collect dust on shelves forever. Here are 25 items that will definitely not be on anyone’s Black Friday shopping list this year.

1. If you were looking for a product to help amplify your narcissism, this selfie brush might be the answer. This dual-purpose iPhone case comes equipped with an unnecessarily narrow mirror, a handle for supposedly better selfie-taking grasp, and of course, an actual brush on the opposite side for last minute touch-ups.

2. Have you got a lot of pent-up anger that you’re looking to release quietly? This Scream Jar supposedly “miraculously changes even the loudest screams to a normal speaking voice.” The perfect gift for the people who are stuck in caps lock in real life.

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